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Dragon glassware diamond shot glass set of 1 unit

Dragon glassware diamond shot glass set of 1 unit

SKU: D0102HPDIMV-Default


1. Enhance the drinking experience: Inspired by diamonds, the unique shape allows your drink to be aerated as it is poured in the cup and rotated. Suitable for vodka, tequila and other spirits.


2. Anti-gravity design: beautiful positioning, anti-shake, anti-overflow, 50-degree tilt angle, unique drinking experience.


3. The perfect gift: A stunning addition to any small wine glass collection or as a necessary bar accessory, and packaged in a ready-made luxury gift.


4. Professional quality: crystal clear, lead-free, high-quality glass, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe. Suitable for daily use and easy to clean.


5. Pursue excellence: Dragon Glass is committed to your trust and satisfaction.

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