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2 Tier Tray Fruit Holder | Decorative Tabletop for Food, Snack Cover for Dinning

2 Tier Tray Fruit Holder | Decorative Tabletop for Food, Snack Cover for Dinning


Weight:70.4 oz


  • A CHARMING FRUIT DISPLAY BASKET - There's no denying to the appealing look of this basket. The bright natural color and simple yet elegant weaving patterns go hand in hand with the unique 2-tiered boat-shaped design. All of those build up a unique basket to store breads, snacks & fruits in a stylish way.
  • A VERSATILE STORAGE BASKET - Not only used as a serving basket, this lovely basket can be utilized as a multi-purpose storage tray. In the living room, it serves well as a coffee table tray, storing remote controls, keys or tea bags,etc. In the bathroom or bedroom, it makes a great catch-all basket for small accessories and ornaments. It keeps your home spaces organized in style!
  • CREATIVE DÉCOR ACCENT - Thanks to the lovely appearance, our seagrass basket is also an eye-catching decorative items. It makes a cute shelf décor in your living or reading room. With some flowers and scented candles, you already have for yourself an eye-catching, rustic-styled tablecenterpiece. Get creative and decor how you love, with our boat-shaped wicker basket!
  • WELL- FINISHED - The 2-tier seagrass basket is woven from sustainably-harvested and well-processed seagrass, giving it timeless, long-lasting beauty. The basket is free of splinters and is finished with a smooth, natural bright color. Its strong metal frame makes sure the basket doesn't fall off shape after a long time in use.
  • YOUR PURCHASE MAKES AN IMPACT - MadeTerra is a local maker-to-market company by artisans in Vietnam. This 2-tiered fruit basket, just as every item sold under the brand name of MadeTerra, is handcrafted by the very hands of skilled artisans in Kim Son, the base of sedge and seagrass in Vietnam. Upon every purchase with us, you are making a difference, contributing to global fair trade, supporting artisan communities and preserving the indigenous crafts and cultures.
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